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El Paso Artists.
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This is a community for artists that are either from or live in the El Paso/Juarez/Las Cruces area. Posts should contain images of any sort of visual art (accompanied by an optional artist's statement). Images larger than 600x450 pixels should be put under a LiveJournal cut (Don't know how to use a LiveJournal cut?). Not all art-posts must be El Paso related as long as the artist is from or lives in El Paso (i.e. all photography is acceptable, not just photographs of the city). Text only posts should only be made if they are to promote a local art show or ask art-related questions.

seio and diagrams.
Membership is moderated to maintain a focused environment. Once you are accepted, there will be no moderation on your posts unless they do not fit into the criteria established above. It would be nice if everyone that joined made a little introductory post about themselves and their art, but that's just a suggestion.

Thanks for your interest in the community!